Sunday, 21 August 2016

who are you?

i have no conception of my readership so i have no idea who is reading this; forgive my tone, in this case. but if you are a regular reader (i have no idea if i have any of those) i implore you to reach out, to comment, to criticise, to berate, to praise, to say anything.

you may have noticed that my last two posts have not been film reviews, but some shambolic attempt at film theory, as i understand it with my (meagre) powers of intellect. this is because i have a goal to become some kind of film scholar, and i want to test my writing.

i have come a long way on this blog, from listicles of the best horror films ever made to what i would consider genuine analysis of film, to a more personal stream of consciousness angle (with this in mind, i remain most proud of my review of boyhood).

this is the next step. i love reviewing movies as i do, so that won't change. but those reviews will have to share a bed with the more academic style of writing i'm attempting.

if you are reading this, reach out. i long to hear from you.

declan x

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