Thursday, 23 May 2013

Horror Clip Of The Day Number 2

Yesterday we had a personal favourite of mine, so today I'm giving you an absolute classic...

It's the Exorcist!

(aka the bit where she says the C-word so be careful you're not around small children, your boss, nuns, dogs, psychopaths or anyone easily influenced to such sordid ways)

The clip itself remains pretty startling even this many years on, I think because the centre of all the horror is just a child's bedroom! Home is where you're meant to feel safe, and to have that invaded is a very scary thing... The fact that it's the devil, not some guy with a mask makes it even scarier. The fact that it's targeting a family member in particular is scariest of all. You never really know what possesses (hohoho) Pazuzu to do what he does to poor old Regan, but that just adds to the horror, it's something only the devil would do. It's an obviously classic scene, but it's definitely one of those ones that'll just never age, a bit like the film itself really.

Check it out! In sensible and mature company, of course.

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