Monday, 27 May 2013

My Most Humble Apologies and also A Horror Clip

As you have probably all noticed, I haven't been very busy for the last two days. Nothing in particular happened; I was just away from my house for a couple of days and couldn't get hold of any internet, annoyingly. I apologise for this, and will try and warn my faithful viewers in advance of such things happening again.

But fear not, for I am back!

And with this back-ness, I bring good tidings of a horror clip, from nothing less than the really really good film that you should see if you haven't already, David Lynch's Eraserhead.

It's the bit with the lady singing in the radiator, so nothing particularly graphic, but it's still... Almost too uncomfortable to endure. The film is constantly very scary, but this scene in particular is horrible, the way she smiles at you, the cheeks, the mellow song... Straight out of a nightmare.

Check it out!

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