Thursday, 30 May 2013

Horror Clip Of The Day

You know the drill!

I've chosen a clip from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre for today; the very final scene  where the woman is chased out of Leatherface's house, into the road, and all manner of carnage ensues.

The scene is absolutely terrifying, I think for two reasons- firstly, it's primal. Being scared of being chased is a fear we all have, and that fear is exploited in this scene. Secondly, the scene is so obtrusive, and really gets under your skin, making it wholly uncomfortable. A lot of this is down to the excellent use of sound in the sound design, which is loud and in your face constantly. The heat of the scene as well (reports of the heat on set are legendary) really adds to this thick atmosphere.

And then there's the final shot. We all know it. Leatherface twirling his chainsaw around. One day, I'll be able to effectively word the sheer awe and fear it makes me feel, and why. For now, all I'll say is this; of the many films I've seen in my life, it's almost definitely in my top five shots of all time.

I want to say check it out, but I know that most of you who read this will already have done. Either way, it's worth watching again. The scene alone is a mini-masterpiece.

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